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We are IT specialist in the greater Cologne area in the sector network and IT technology. Our top priority is the wishes and individual needs of our customers. Our team combines competences in the fields of IT forensics, data recovery, LAN, WLAN, VPN, network technology, network security, VoIP, telecommunications, development and authentication. This provides us with the greatest flexibility, which clearly sets us apart from many competitors.

Through individual cooperation with our customers, we succeed in working out the solution that ensures the smooth running of your IT. We want our customers to know that they are being taken care of.

We are available 365 days a year. In this way, we guarantee a solution to IT problems in an emergency, even outside the usual opening hours of an IT system house.

Our range of services

As a TÜV-certified service provider, we are qualified to carry out complex assessments in information technology and to prepare expert reports that can be used in court or in forensics evaluations from the information obtained. Do you have the feeling that important data has been lost in your company or in your private life, or that data has been misused? Then only quick action with professional support can help.
Mobile forensics
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly important and are taking on an ever greater role in private and professional life. As a result, the forensic investigation of mobile devices, especially in the context of law enforcement, is also becoming increasingly relevant.
There are different methods of data recovery depending on the type of data loss. One common method is to recover data from a backup copy. However, if there is no backup copy or it is corrupted, it may be necessary to rescue data from the hard drive itself. This can be done by using special software tools that can dig deep into the file system and search for and recover damaged or deleted files.
Modern wireless networks (WLAN) are the sensible alternative or supplement to the classic, wired LAN connection. Especially in terms of security, reliability and data rate, the development of WLAN has made tremendous progress in recent years.
What are the possibilities of automation and control in a building? There is a simple answer here - an infinite number! When planning a home / building control, many customers have various requirements and wishes in mind. Which of these should be implemented later is often the crucial question and LanCologne would like to present just a few examples here.
Protecting data access and verifying the user identities that request that access play a central role in any security initiative. Originally, user authentication was primarily used to protect remote access to corporate data, but there are now other reasons for the growing need for strong authentication across the enterprise.
Data protection has top priority, which is why your data is outsourced exclusively to German data centers. Highly efficient backup technologies from customized providers are used. Our experts take over your entire backup workload and the associated responsibility - you can concentrate fully on your core business with complete peace of mind. Our backup service is available around the clock to restore your data quickly and easily even in a worst-case scenario.
As a LanCologne customer, you have direct access to extensive knowledge. Whether you are a customer of the LanCologne Datacenter or want to have your own servers managed - LanCologne identifies the need for IT resources in the sense of your company and takes care of everything else. In doing so, LanCologne goes one step further than most other providers: In addition to operating the hardware, it also maintains and monitors the operating systems and middleware in use.

IT Forensics Seminars

Since companies and public authorities are increasingly becoming victims of attacks, espionage and manipulation by exploiting security vulnerabilities, there is an urgent need to clarify such incidents. In our seminars on IT forensics, methods and tools are presented to safely and reliably identify and extract traces.

The field of IT forensics offers a wide range of tools. From efficient searches for specific content in large-scale hard disk storage and online storage services to live forensics and the analysis of mobile devices such as cell phones and smartwatches - we cover all aspects.

SUMURI products are available in our store!

SUMURI is a global leader in IT forensics solutions. Their software and hardware provide investigators, security professionals and enterprises with reliable and advanced digital evidence collection tools. A trusted choice for IT forensics professionals.

Sumuri was the first company to identify and analyze Apple operating systems' extended metadata. This metadata provides important information about files, such as sender, download time, reception type, display time, opening history, deletion time and more.

SUMURI on YouTube

Also visit the SUMURI YouTube channel with many helpful learning and product videos.

LANCologne: Your IT specialist in the greater Cologne area.

Complex work processes and the handling of sensitive data place very special demands on your IT. That's why you should rely on a partner who reliably supports you in all matters relating to your hardware and software.

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