Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and patented technologies are full-featured, feature-rich, and fully standards-compliant, offering unmatched ease of use, incredible reliability, and tremendous network coverage - all at a fraction of the cost compared to alternative products.

Designed for industrial use, enterprise smart wireless LAN products are available at low cost and have low complexity. Furthermore, they offer unparalleled performance and reliability. Indoor applications, outdoor applications, meshed network topologies, video transmission, voice transmission, data transmission, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g - take your pick.

Everything you need is uniformly managed as a single centralized WLAN network with ZoneDirector. With FlexMaster, you can remotely manage thousands of standalone access points or ZoneFlex WLAN networks.
Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products support even the most inflexible, latency-critical applications and provide a level of quality and impenetrable security suitable for telecom operators and other enterprises.

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