Site networking

Today, an essential condition for the efficiency and competitiveness of every company is site networking with a powerful and economical communications infrastructure. Fast, secure and smooth data and communication transfer between a company's sites increases its productivity and reduces operating costs.

WLAN specialist in Cologne


Modern wireless networks (WLAN) are the sensible alternative or supplement to the classic, wired LAN connection. Especially in terms of security, reliability and data rate, the development of WLAN has made tremendous progress in recent years ...


For secure communication and confidential data exchange of routers in networks, company locations are connected via "a secure data channel" (virtual private networks; abbreviation VPN) ...

Specialist for Smart Homes in Cologne

Smart Home

What are the possibilities of automation and control in a building ? Here there is a simple answer - infinitely many! When planning a house / building control, many customers have various requirements and wishes in mind. Which of them should be implemented later is often the crucial question and LanCologne would like to present only a few examples here ...